Zell's lies

Many smart people who will otherwise think Miller's speech last night was scary and overblown may nonetheless be curious about his accusations regarding all the weapon systems Kerry has "tried to cut" in his Senate career. For the record, Fred Kaplan had the final word on this back in February, for anyone that cares to look.

Yet another reason why Bush needs to lose this election.

Defense policy at the "which planes should we buy" level is a pretty complicated thing. It is just about everything a honest member of Congress can do to try to inject some legitimate oversight into that secrecy, inertia, and pork-chasing that defines defense planning. One level, deploying crude attacks that confuse someone's voting record on complicated issues is just politics, but on another level, it just goes to show how unserious these people are about having a real debate on how our military needs to change to fight terrorism.


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