I mean, damn!

The Times has just posted for tomorrow's paper a, count-em, 5 page expose of every sordid connection the Bush entourage has to the Swift boat crap. I dare you to read the whole thing.

Besides debunking this mess beyond a shadow of a significant doubt, what else does this mean?

1) They suceeded in getting the New York Times to blow money and time on debunking them. That is no small feat, considering the principled silence major papers had initially chosen to treat this stunt with.

2) Bush ought to have little choice left about distancing himself from these ads or not. I'm not saying he will, but he ought to.

On a related note, I chose today for my semi-weekly troll of the conservative blogosphere, and I think I might have given myself an ulcer. The extent to which these people, none of whom have anything resembling a brain in their heads, will go to parrot the movement's talking points is unconscionable. It would be fine if they were dirty political operatives or fringey lunatics, but these people are considered prominent intellectuals!!! For a particularly dreadful example, see Michelle Malkin (author of that book 'justifying' Japanese internment camps) on Chris Matthews earlier tonight (via Atrios and Oliver Willis). She tries to insinuate that John Kerry shot himself in order to fool the military into giving him a medal. Matthews, for once in his sorry life, isn't having it. Sick, sick, sick. If you are appalled, by all means write this woman at malkin@comcast.net.


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