Olympic blogging

Random notes:

1. Women pole-vaulters are real cute.

2. American gold medal winners in beach volleyball (Walsh and May) are kind of trashy and fun.

3. The Moroccan who won the 1500m was delightful. He is also the world record holder for running the mile: 3:43. Damn.

4. Speaking of, what goes into the strategy behind the 1500m? What is the protocol of making your way through that pack? Are they secretly nudging each other and we just can't see it?

5. Carly Patterson still sucks.

6. I wonder if Paul Hamm has a media consultant or if his coach just tells him what to say. Becuase from a crisis management standpoint he has been so freakily on message through all of this. It's like watching an Exxon-Valdez spokesperson that you end up really wanting to believe.

7. What happened to the water polo? I totally missed the boat on that.


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