My god

To think the Republicans will get away with the rhetoric that fighting global terrorism is like fighting World War II or the Cold War kills me. A) The global terrorist movement needs to be attacked at its root, and destroyed no question, and September 11 was terrible, but no fucking way does it have anything to do with major industrial powers of the world uniting, or the 10s upon 10s of MILLIONS killed. It should offend anyone with a mild regard for history. Oh, but no one gives a shit about history, so I guess they'll do alright. B) It perpetuates EXACTLY the wrong way to fight terrorism...the idea that our specific global terrorist nemesis has anything to do with the act of terrorism, which, FYI, is never going to stop ever, because its what individuals do when they are kind of crazy and up against a massive organized power they couldn't hope to defeat. And the idea that you can 'beat' terrorism by making a "go to war" choice or "not go to war" choice. It's not like that!!! There is no war! It's a couple thousand people, not a state! I am going mad. Please stop Laura Bush, please. She is making me insane.


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