The wall

I haven't said much about Iraq lately, but I have been thinking about it, and I think this Juan Cole post is especially useful. The U.S. press has been somewhat blinded to the situation on the ground since the 'sovereignty' transfer (I have felt relief as well, I will admit). But recent events, particularly the endgame playing out in Najaf, should remind anyone who wanted to forget about it that our position in Iraq at this point is fundamentally untenable. We are now fighting Sadr's army on the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam. Not sort of holy sites that reasonable people will get over us blowing up and spilling their countrymens' blood on, but places that are inextricably linked to millions upon millions of peoples fundamental sense of what is sacred. He is playing us brilliantly, and we are falling for it. One has to plan for the fact that this will not end well.

Before that post, Cole offers a reading list on Iraq that is surely worth noting...


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