Jonah Goldberg (via Kevin Drum) writes:

Bill Clinton pretended that everything he was doing was “working hard” for the American people, “doing the job” etc. Anyone who disagreed with him was being “partisan” as if A) partisanship is bad and B) that only one side was partisan. Also, the whole “move on” schtick – which we now know was a cynical partisan appeal made my hardcore leftwingers – took advantage of this attitude...It’s not clear to me that Bush has tried hard enough to exploit a similar strategy. The Bush-haters – who are just as extreme and nasty as the Clinton-haters were, and in many ways more so – offer a real opportunity for Bush...With the exception of Fox News there’s really no mainstream outlet available for the White House to get the message out that irrational Bush hatred is not only irrational but annoying. Bush needs a way to tell the Michael Moore fans to “move on.”

Indeed, Jonah, wouldn't that be bitter medicine for those hypocritical liberals. But oh no, they would never let Bush play Clinton's sneaky "move on" card, because they control the media and the media buys into Bush hatred so much easier than it ever did for Clinton.

That, and the fact that the primary complaint of Bush haters happens to involve hundreds of thousands of soldiers, billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars, and the security of the United States of America for the next generation. Maybe its just me, but I found getting over who sucked Bill Clinton's dick just a wee bit easier.


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