What the hell is wrong with swing voters anyway? Lehrer had one of those impromptu unscientific focus group segments last week following Kerry's speech and I wanted to put my foot through the TV. These morons went on and on about how they wanted more "specifics", how they didn't know whether or not they felt "safer", and how if only there was a candidate who would "really" talk to them.

I really don't think swing voting in general has anything to do with an independent streak or centrist outlook. It just means you are a whiner. They remind me of people who get mortally offended by poor service at some hole in the wall diner. There's no justice in the complaint, they are just so deeply self-involved that they will kvetch to make themselves feel good. You want specifics? Turn on a computer! But I guess this is what comes of too many years of the political parties (and especially the Democrats) telling voters to sit back relax while the party brings politics to you in nice little 30 second TV spots. Lazy bastards.

Furthermore, it is beyond me how anyone in this specific election who considers themselves even marginally aware of politics (which is what swing voters are) can not decide who they are going to vote for. People can surely change their politics over an administration or several, but to not know at a point in time as polarized as right now who's side you're on? And of course, this is why they say the swing demographic is so small this year. But to the ones left over: get a clue!


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