Willful ignorance

Regarding the latest administration mind games over who reported what about WMDs before the invasion, Krugman says it best:

Do you remember when the C.I.A. was reviled by hawks because its analysts were reluctant to present a sufficiently alarming picture of the Iraqi threat? Your memories are no longer operative. On or about last Saturday, history was revised: see, it's the C.I.A.'s fault that the threat was overstated. Given its warnings, the administration had no choice but to invade.

One of the biggest questions here is where the press is in all of this. Objective as always. I don't think there's really any way around the fact that the same sources reporters were quoting before the war saying that the CIA was crap and too politicized must now be telling the same reporters the exact opposite story. It seems this would be a good time for that whole independent prerogative of the media thing to kick in. Then again, maybe I missed the memo dictating that the news is actually just an opportunity for press releases to fight to the death.


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