Sodomite Ducks

Wonkette has some funniness about the scandal that still isn't: Cheney and Scalia going duck hunting as the Supreme Court is deciding whether to force Cheney to turn over the energy task force meeting notes. Do you think either even thought about it before? Was Cheney all, "Wait a minute Tony, I don't know, you are a Justice of the Supreme Court which is investigating me" and Scalia was all "Whatever man, its just some stupid duck hunting. Who has a problem with duck hunting?" Do they just not care? In any event, Wonkette:

Scalia has also attempted to quash suspicions that the trip was an play by the Veep to influence Scalia's decision in the case. "No, no, no," Scalia told reporters, "Of course Cheney's not trying to buy my vote! Do you think he's stupid? He only pays after the vote is cast. The duck hunting was just the final payment for throwing the election. When he takes me to the Vineyard in July, that will be the payback for the privacy decision." Besides, added Scalia, "We only shot the sodomite ducks."


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