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The 13 percent increase for missile defense technology is yet another bonus in the new budget, WaPo reports here. Kevin Drum has this to say. I was going to make a joke about G2 getting frustrated at how tough diplomacy with the NKs is, and wouldn't it be easier just to shoot down their missiles before they get here. But apparently that's true. North Korea is the only live potential hostile threat with intercontinental missile capabilities right now. Please let's not pretend that missile defense has anything to do with terrorists' nuclear capabilities. If they get a nuke, you can be sure they are not going to waste time, money, and exposure building missile silos of all things. That's ridiculous.

So that means its North Korea. And the thought that this administration is entertaining with billions of dollars the notion that North Korea may actually fire a nuclear warhead at us is evidence itself of how utterly reckless the administration's pathological aversion to diplomatic solutions is. If we thought the NKs were set off by getting called evil in a speech, how much is pointing highly publicized 'defensive' missiles at them going to escalate this crisis? This is starting to get scary.


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