A proposition

A cookie to anyone who can tell me what is going on in David Brooks' column from Tuesday. It seems he is proposing a dichotomy whereby rational thought, as exemplified by the CIA and other intelligence outfits, opposes irrational thought as exemplified by the Bush administration and their government backers in the Iraq war. The former, with its reliance on science and protocol has proved incapable of fully comprehending the ever-ephemeral, fluid terrorist threat, while the latter possesses an intuition beyond the realm of crass knowledge, an intuition ideally suited to engaging and communing with the full implications and unpredictable behavior of said threat.

Or some shit like that. Really, I don't know where he gets this stuff. Suffice it to say, he means: we really wanted to think they had nukes, but they didn't have nukes at all, but we're still right. Don't know why they had to go wasting trees for that.


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