This column from the CAP people brings up a valuable point John Kerry should be making. Part of Clinton's genius at selling economic ideas (besides the fact that the economy was really good while he was president) was that he let people understand he was ready to be serious and creative about the shape of government involvement in all sides of the economic picture, both the populist-oriented job protection and creation mission but also the business-government partnership side of the equation. This is a coup waiting to happen--John Kerry needs to let business leaders and white collar tech workers know that he will use the innovation and resources of the government to grow our economy and encourage highly skilled people. Right now, his economic message sounds like 1954...better than Bush's non-existent one, but still nowhere near as creative as it needs to be. This would also go a long way towards shoring up support among the Internet-savvy political community which is dangerously close to having no opinion whatsoever of him. These people are still the bulk of the active base as long as Iraq and Bush scandal dominates the news...best to get them excited about you before August.


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