He does work in mysterious ways...

Maybe Bush really does have a problem with his base. The Judge Roy Moore (of Ten Commandments lawn ornament fiasco fame) for President website gives a run down of how Bush is not conservative enough:

  • George W. Bush betrayed Roy Moore. When Justice Roy Moore and his supporters declared that the Ten Commandments have a place in the America's courts of law, George W. Bush cut and run. Bush pretended that he didn't even know us, like Peter denying Jesus.

  • George W. Bush betrayed Lieutenant General William Boykin. When Boykin told the truth about America's war against terror, saying that it is really a war against Satan, Bush denied knowing anything about it. We know very well that Bush and Boykin have talked about this very thing in the White House together, but again Bush pretended that he didn't even know about it.

  • After September 11, 2001, George W. Bush has engaged in a silly ecumenical project to try to pretend that all religions are really the same and equally valid. General Boykin is courageous enough to say that "America is a Christian nation". Bush tries to pretend that he does not think so. We need a President who will be honest about these things, and not try to cover up the real differences between Christianity and Islam.

  • George W. Bush promised that he would promote a pro-life agenda, but now both George W. Bush and his wife say that they oppose overturning Roe v. Wade, because George W. Bush is really pro-Choice!

  • Bush is two-faced and insincere about homosexuality. He says he opposes gay marriage, but then refuses to oppose civil unions for homosexuals. He also refuses to be consistent on hiring gays in the government, allowing for other offices to fire gays because of their sexual orientation, but he hires several homosexuals himself! Either Bush should be pro-gay or anti-gay. Make a decision, Bush!

  • Bush has taken part in Shinto ceremonies, bowing down to idols at a Shinto temple in Japan. Blasphemy and idolatry is not Christian behavior. Judge Roy Moore would never do such a thing.

  • Bush has sent American soldiers to serve under United Nations authority.

  • Besides demonstrating the right wing pressure on G2 right now, stuff like this should provide a stern rebuke to all those 'thoughtful' conservatives and their polite conversations about how maybe we should allow prayer in schools and such because Christian philosophy and principles of American government have been so closely intertwined (I'm looking at you, Brooks). Your ideological bedfellows on this one aren't worried about historical accuracy, guys. They want government based on a fundamentalist brand of Christianity, and namby-pamby legalisms in the Constitution can go suck an egg. When you try to rationalize these arguments you are appeasing a vision of society that is deeply inconsistent with the principles of tolerance and respect for the rule of law we hold dear.


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