Outrage round-up

Raw Story has scans of the new Bush PA flyer...

The GOP black vote suppression effort not involving an abuse of election law has begun in Milwaukee...

Ed Kilgore visualizes the confrontation I myself have pondered over the past week:
"I don't know exactly who the "volunteers" are who are planning to flood African-American polling places in Ohio to gum up the works and mess with the minds and ballots of voters. But given the rather limited number of black Republicans available, I have a clear mental image of some pasty-faced, bow-tie clad Federalist Society dweeb from Case-Western Law School showing up at an inner-city Cleveland precinct spouting 1953 case law at angry voters who know how often this sort of crap was pulled on African-Americans in the Deep South."
Indeed, as a colleague noted today, the GOP's big strategic error in this election may very well turn out to be that they have made voting a clear cut civil rights battle again. No one was supposed to really find out about the suppression schemes until it was too late, you realize. And granted it still hasn't gotten quite the coverage it deserves, and the GOP could end up spinning the national media if these schemes become the focus of a post-election battle. But for now, one thing is for sure: for black people going to the polls in Cleveland next Tuesday, the stakes are bitterly clear.


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