Pigs in flight

Andrew Sullivan's Kerry endorsement is a good read. I would call this the base argument that liberals are asking all thinking conservatives who really care about the future of the country to accept come Tuesday, and he articulates it quite well. Essentially, "We know how excited you were to be on the right side of 9/11, and how great moral clarity felt, and how nice it was to feel like you were the only person in the world who understood the nature of evil. But come on guys, he's really fucking things up and you know it."

Or in the more charitable formulation, "Bush's skills have served us well framing the last 4 years of war, and thank god he was president on 9/11, but he doesn't have the flexibility, nuance, and credibility we'll need to succeed in the next four years."

I like it because it sounds like it would make sense to a conservative that has at least a tenuous grasp on reality. But then again, I can't begin to comprehend how Sullivan can write something as sensible as this and square it with the amount of shameless pro-Bush hackery he has frequently engaged in for the past several years. So take my understanding of what people are capable of with a grain of salt.


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