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Quick impression from half a day glancing at the commission report, and ultimately a tangent...sort of.  As far as I can tell, the report makes almost no mention whatsoever of the war in Iraq.  Even though it delves fairly deeply into where U.S. foreign policy should go from here, our standing with allies and in the Muslim world, and the big ugly problems with the intelligence services.  But as far as I can tell, no actual discussion of the 800 pound gorilla in the living room of American international affairs.  

What can it mean?  That the most preeminent government sponsored opinion on what should be done about the transnational terrorist threat pretends like the all-consuming foreign policy centerpiece of the last 2 years didn't even happen?  It kind of gives me the chills.  And makes me wonder what kept it out.  Lord knows Bob Kerrey and Jamie Gorelick and some of the other Democrats must have been itching to talk about the "wrong turn" in Iraq.  But what of the Republicans?  Were they sitting in the meetings saying "Hey, what happened to Iraq?  That's breaking the back of Islamo-fascism in the Arab World! or What about Iraq in the nonproliferation section?  We sure destroyed that country's capacity to consider planning weapons of mass destruction related program activities! or What about Iraq in the no sanctuaries for terrorists section?  You can be damn sure no one there will ever receive a letter or telegram or instant messenger from an al-Qaeda member!"

Perhaps I answer my own question.  Except I think they are still into the islamo-fascism back breaking part.  Even harsher then that the whole grand neocon democratization by force theory is not even worthy of debunking in the report. 

We live in strange, strange times.


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