Well that's one point of view...

Matthew Yglesias asks, "What's the point in quoting a budget office spokesman if the things he says aren't true?" in response to Ed Andrews' ever so even-handed piece about the tax-cut blaming CBO report released yesterday. See the point I made the other day about the administration's dangerous disrespect for nonpartisan government analysis, as exemplified by their intimidation of John Foster, chief Medicare actuary, over correct estimates for the prescription drug bill--none of this behavior would be possible without the help of the media. Besides performing objective analysis once in a while, good journalists are supposed to make choices for their readers about when different sources are more credible than others. Lucky for them, the government has thought to provide such a service, lest politicians get a bit carried away with letting their agendas influence their analyses.

God, I'm getting tired of this sarcasm.


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