Career Senators sure do want to destroy the CIA

Someone at work today pointed to a fine example of the rapidly diverging standards of journalism on view today. On the one hand you have this article from the Times today, an 'even-handed' discussion of how Kerry and Bush have been sparring so early in this general election battle, which asks questions like "Will voters be turned off by negativity?" and "Will candidates will run out of things to attack each other on?" Then comes this piece in Slate by Fred Kaplan, in which Kaplan delves into, you know, one of the ACTUAL charges that has been proffered against Kerry by the Bush campaign, namely, that Kerry tried to 'gut' the intelligence budget in a bill he sponsored in 1995, and finds the Bush charge to be a laughable sham.

The discreet universes these two articles manage to exist within while both ostensibly talking about the exact same subject is a measure of the curious state of the media today. Surely, all Kaplan had to do to research his article was a Lexis search of congressional bills and news coverage from 1995. But that sort of "investigative" reporting is off limits to the arbiters of the establishment media.


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