You said that to say what?

See David Brooks today. Someone please explain to me what the fuck he is talking about. This piece is just so bizarre. It's kind of a clumsy satire about how the Bush administration's refreshing honesty in their foreign policy dealings has become a liability. Um, ok, dude. Whatever.

More to the point, I do think Iraq critics dropped the ball on the no contracts for war opposing countries story. Josh Marshall has a good response. As Marshall qualifies in hindsight, the issue is NOT fairness in war profiteering contracts. It's about the administration's ever more absurd ways to publicly dis our former friends by pretending that the deteriorating Iraq situation is some kind super-cool club that other countries only wish they were in.

Critics argued the foolishness of this, and picked up another gem of administration bungling when the restrictions broke on the same day that the U.S. was starting to ask for debt forgiveness from many of these same countries. But they didn't cover themselves well, and Bushsters scored a twofer: a nice line about how war opposers are so ridiculously anti-American that they are sympathizing with European multinational companies, and the image of European countries as all frustrated and kicking themselves because they can't get their greedy cowardly hands on that sweet 18 billion dollar chunk of American taxpayer money. Foiled again you lousy frogs!

We should have seen that coming.


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