Identifying Saddam's victims

See this harrowing story from Sunday's 60 minutes about the process of identifying the victims found in Saddam's mass graves, the same technology that was applied to the mass graves found in the wake of the Balkan wars.

The truth is, when you see something like this, all of the quibbling about honesty and intelligence failures and war planning seem to fall away. These fights, seemingly so vital and decisive appear very petty in comparison to the dark political horrors which our late twentieth century has tolerated.

The larger questions still remain, and they dwarf the relatively small problem of international terrorism. How can such abominations persist in an interconnected world? How does one build a world where authoritarianism is a liability and political murder cannot be hidden away? How can our foreign policy be made consistent with our national values, not fake-hypocritical-forgotten in 5 minutes consistent, but proactively so; in effect a new mission for our presence abroad that leads by example, innovation and integrity?


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