So, this 'flypaper' theory of Iraq thing really has really got to stop. What this reveals about how the Bush administration thinks the country understands exactly what the threat of global terrorist organizations entails is truly discouraging. Not that it doesn't have a ring to it. One envisions kind of an international 'hit the gopher' game, where the administration has rigged it so that more of the gophers pop out of a specific hole.

Preventing international terrorism is not a question of ticking off names on the big list of evildoers. It is a question of systematically targeting the structures that support international terrorism--international black markets in diamonds, drugs, coltan, etc.; regimes that fund or channel funds to terrorist networks; the spoils of civil war that back terrorist operations, etc. These are massive international problems that require massive interventions of money and cooperation between nations. We shouldn't let the administration fool us into thinking the problem of international terrorism is so easy as 'luring them into the open.'


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