The WSJ editorial page continues to perform its vital public information function with a piece the other day on how taxpayers ought not be deceived into thinking their dollars don't fund public radio. Turns out, there is a nefarious backchannel through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds member stations, who then kick back payments to the unholy NPR mother beast in DC! Did you know? Unconscionable!

I had Veterans Day off the other week and had my first look at daytime TV in some time, and I became very, very, scared. I know these Wall Street Journal people don't actually go in for all the public broadcasting is elitist accusations on a personal level. They 'indulge' in culture just as bad as some of those worthless liberals. I know they are paid to be jerks and they are just doing their jobs. But come on people, its civilization we're talking about here! Public Broadcasting is literally about the last place in the universe you can actually hear about, say, other countries, or unemployment, without having to endure interviews with Britney Spears second cousin in the same segment. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that is an objective standard for a healthy society. I don't mean to be rash, but I'm going to do it. Done.


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