New York shall rise again!

Greg Djerejian, the very smart and throughly conservative author of the Belgravia Dispatch plays the "let's pretend Tina Brown's WaPo columns represent what New York City is thinking about these days" game. I don't usually like posting my comments to other places here, but...whatever. Here's my rant, see his comments section too, which has a number of very interesting regulars:

I find this whole "REAL New Yorkers don't really hate Bush, its just the media elite that happens to live there who only hate him because of their vacuousness and socialism" kind of offensinve. I know its hard to deal with the idea that the people who actually suffered the brunt of the attack are so opposed to Bush, but it's just a fact. No splitting hairs, no pretending that commuters are the REAL New Yorkers, none of it. Why do conservatives have to treat every victim of 9/11 who dislikes Bush (i.e., people who live below 14th street and a number of 9/11 widows) as crazy or deluded? If you can't deal with that contradiction then maybe you should listen to it. But don't smear them or pretend they don't exist. No one is saying that victimhood means you get control over the response, but it aint nothing.

The fact is, New Yorkers, even god forbid, ones that live in Manhattan (who, surprise, are sometimes shallow and neurotic) have good reasons for disliking Bush, i.e., the fact that he has a pretty blatant disdain for for cities and people who live in them. We in New York have watched the last couple years as this administration has tried to convince every podunk town in the nation that al Qaeda is coming for them, then showered them with money and hazmat suits to prove it, when New Yorkers and everyone with a brain in their heads knows pretty dang well that we will always be ground zero. Not to mention that everything about Bush and his administration is hostile to our way of life, our gay friends, the government programs we believe in, all while our tax dollars go to subsidize his supporters out in the great mooching Red hinterland.

So go ahead and decide that you don't really care what New York City thinks of how we should deal with terrorism, that's majority rule after all. But don't tell us we don't know about terrorism, or insinuate that the attacks have made us too fragile to think clearly or, especially, that we have nothing to protect here, because we're all vacuous socialites and poor ghetto dwellers. All those teeming masses of subway riders who are so tough and driven? They may not be as much of a twit as Tina Brown, (god help us) but I can assure you a good majority of them are pretty upset about four more years of the buffoonish red stater.


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