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It has been interesting to watch, in the later days of this campaign, the extent to which Kerry handwringing has all but disappeared. This has always been the central gamble of the campaign--would affection for Kerry ever live up to the purity of Bush-hatred, but ultimetly, it seems not to matter.

Part of this is certainly due to a well run Kerry campaign. Has it been perfect? Hell no. But they have kept their heads above water, avoided any nuclear embarassments, and weathered some pretty considerable shit-storms with resiliance.

But beyond that, I think that voters have dropped their substantive questions about Kerry. The negatives on Bush have transcended regular partisan divisions and, in the ill-fated words of Michael Dukakis, come to rest on 'comeptence'. Even fairweather Democratic voters are not demanding a viable plan from Kerry for how he is going to neatly settle this whole Iraq mess. They just know he not going to carry Bush's baggage.

That is an important and encouraging turning point in the race, because it means that among many voters, Bush has exhausted his post 9-11 carte blanche. In the intervening three years, American voters feel that they have grown savvy about the issues involved in terrorism, and that a hunker down and say yes mentality isn't necessary anymore.


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