Veeps in the ring

The difference between Bush and Cheney is that Bush doesn't read the papers, and thus doesn't have a grasp of the total reality of the conservative spin universe. Every time Bush sputtered last week, there was a carefully cultivated logic out there that could have filled that gap. But Bush just doesn't have those things at his fingertips.

I remember the 2000 VP debate between Cheney and Lieberman as being a very mature, quite sensible affair. Cheney had to prove he was an adult to counterbalance Bush, and he did it. This time ain't quite so civilized. It's interesting though, every time Cheney pulls out one of the really low blows distorting Kerry's senate votes his mouth kind of curls up. He'll do it, of course, but he still can't quite hide that the knows its bullshit.

Wow, Cheney really made the attendance thing burn. He sounded like a principle taking the popular kid to task. I don't know what it means that that really appealed to me.


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