Round 1

Well, no one ever said the man was stupid, right? Right??? The immigration reform plan that Bush proposed in a White House speech yesterday is pure political genius.

As mentioned here before, the hardships endured by both legal and illegal immigrants since 9/11 has the potential to be a big, big story, at least so called liberal media wise. It has big human tragedy written all over it, and could be persuasive to those voters who don't think we should trample absolutely everything in the name of security. If nothing else, it at least loses Bush his 'compassion' points in one area. At that's the worst possible thing that can happen to him in terms of swing voters. The hawks are already in the bag.

Here's G2's basic election strategy: cover every possible base with vague policies you don't intend to follow through on, but which can be held up as indisputable examples of "compassionate conservatism." (Sweet Jesus I hope I never see that word not in quotes) And he didn't have one for immigration yet.

Note that this proposal, which involves 'immigrants' and sounds kinda progressive (The Progress Report has a good rundown of why the proposal stinks anyway) is directed squarely at illegal Mexican laborers. There is no mention of the other immigrant populations so adversely affected by Bush policy. (You know, the educated economically mobile ones who want to become hardworking citizens and spread American values and knowledge all over the globe) Because their mention might invite criticism, and there is no criticism in the Bushiverse. It's as if they don't even exist. It's perfect.

In a media which turns on sentence fragments instead of paragraphs, this policy stunt will end up preemptively closing every argument on immigration policy. Sing along if you like:

Critic: "Bush's policies towards immigrants have been draconian and counterproductive. Let's repair our relationship with the foreign born population at home and with hardworking people that want to come to America around the world."

Scarbohannireilly: "Didn't the President just announce the most sweeping immigration reform of the last 30 years when he said illegal workers should get temporary status, and be able to receive benefits, legal protections, even Social Security??? What more do you want from him?"

Had enough yet? It's only getting started.


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